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Banking 2.0

  • We are ex-bankers
  • We are techies
  • We are process engineers
  • transforming..
  • ..the way banking is done.

01 Proven Expertise

Our products and services are being used by multiple banks/financial institutions across geographies.

02 365 x 24 x 7 support

We know how critical banking processes are and are therefore available 365x24x7 for support.

03 Digital Transformation

We help you transform from regular email based processes to new age portal based streamlined workflows.

04 Process Re-Engineering

We help you re-align your processes to overcome the bottlenecks and reduce overall turn-around time.

05 Future Ready

We keep on updating our products and services in line with the market's best practices and industry standards to ensure success for your bank/financial institution

Welcome to the new age banking!

We help you transform from the manual email based slow lending processes to portal based , faster and effective digital processing.

CredPro - Our end-to-end Loan Origination and Monitoring Solution (LOS and LMS)

At Aadiswan we believe that we can achieve excellence in any task through an optimum use of human intelligence and machine empowerment. Good tools are necessary for good craftsmen to produce good work. Credit quality of any bank is also not any different. With our flagship product CredPro LOS we empower the bank teams to sanction and monitor loans efficiently, reduce the chances of default and thus improve the overall asset quality of the banks.

Designed by Underwriters, for Underwriters

Underwriters are one of your most valued resources. Don't waster their time with simple data extraction and data entry tasks.

CredPro LOS reduces the cost and time spent reviewing digitally verifiable data points such as KYC, MCA data, GST transactions data, Bank Statements etc. and presents the data in a readable and comprehensible format to the loan reviewing teams and approving authorities, resulting in quicker loan turnaround times and higher customer satisfaction.

  • Quick and accurate process handling: CredPro streamlines loan processing, providing accurate results swiftly to enhance the quality of loans being sanctioned.
  • Time Saving Processing: Over 90% loan applications are processed within the same day setting a new industry benchmark for speed and efficiency.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation: CredPro enables the team to focus on high value tasks by automating manual and labour intensive tasks.
  • Scalable Solution: CredPro has a multi-node multi tier architecture allowing for scalability as the loan book of the Bank grows.
  • Enhanced client support: With CredPro, empower your clients by speeding up their loan processing, allowing them to redirect resources to non-automable aspects of loan underwriting



Digitization of end to end loan lifecycle, from customer on-boarding to sanction, to loan monitoring.


Completely automated and paperless processes to increase efficiency of the credit processes.

Dynamic Workflows

Having dynamic workflows means the bank can react to industry changes and regulations faster.

Intuitive Interface

Responsive new-age user interface, compatible with tablets/touch screen interfaces.

Who we are and what we do

Who We Are

We are a team of ex-bankers and technologists who foresee the gaps in the BFSI industry esp. within the corporate and MSME lending vertical. Large Corporates and the MSME sector primarily drive the economic growth for most of developing nations including India. These are in consistent need of credit facilities to keep their business running for producing goods and services for the nation and for export. Banks and financial institutions play a very important role in the growth of economy by providing those credit facilities. We at Aadiswan have a vision to empower the banks and financial institutions to improve their services in the corporate and MSME lending vertical by using technology.

What We Do

Statistically speaking in most of the full-service banks, retail loans sector is highest revenue churning division and then comes treasury followed by corporate and MSME loan-book. We believe in optimizing the corporate lending and MSME lending processes to make it more transparent, efficient and robust so as to strengthen this division which lags behind the other two but has the prospects to be on top. We do this optimization by the use of technology to streamline the workflows and maintaining visibility to the stakeholders through our our cutting edge product offerings.

How We Do It

During the loan sanctioning processes within banks and financials institutions there is a lot of data which is captured. Earlier these data points were being captured in an unstructured format i.e. these were present in the data repository of banks as printouts, pdf/word files or excel files. Aadiswan helps in capturing these fields in a structured format on a portal hosted within the bank. This ensures validation of each of the data points and better compliance with policies. Thereafter streamlined workflows for these data points so that different stakeholders can check and approve different data points makes it a complete end-to-end robust process. The data generated this way can be used by the bank's team to analyze the quality of the loan book precisely and the top management can drive risk appetite the bank by fine-tuning specific areas only.


Our flagship product Credpro is a result of years of coding of our passionate technical team and has been helping the banks and financial institutions for more than 5 years now. However what has gone behind those years of coding and development are the years of experience that our team members have worked as bankers themselves due to which they know the processes in and out, the bottlenecks and the solutions to those problems. Aadiswan had been incorporated in 2014 and we have been consistently growing in terms of product features, no. of clients, team size and hope to maintain this momentum in future too.


Our point of differentiation lies with the kind of resources we have in our team. We have people who can be called ‘Jack of all trades’ giving us the larger picture view of the project to ‘Masters of one trade’ who with their expertise help us deliver great solutions to the problems of the BFSI sector.

  • Having ex-bankers in the team helps us to understand the pain points..
  • Technocrats -turned bankers-turned technocrats again lead us to visualize the problems and suggest the solutions better than our competitors
  • A passionate team of developers and testers make our solution a ‘masterpiece of art’, if we may use that terminology
  • We give maximum flexibility through our architecture to the clients so that they can maintain the modules through admin module.

We at Aadiswan, believe in not only solving the business problems but also creating a wow factor for the clients while doing it. Our solutions are not just code developed over years but we take pride in showcasing what quality we have achieved. And we are sure, you’ll be impressed too once you see it for yourself!

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Product lines supported by CredPro

And you can add new products to the already existing list / customize existing products as well.

Term Loan

Working Capital Loan

Bill Discounting

Vendor Financing

Letter of Credit

Bank Guarantee

Cash Credit

Export Credit


Lease Rental Discounting


Loan against property

and many more....

Let the numbers do the talking on our behalf !

Avg. no. of credit notes processed per month

Credit notes processed using CredPro and counting

Crores - Approx. total portfolio size being handled

branches of different Banks using CredPro

Current number of customizable workflows possible and counting

Number of users across our different clients using CredPro and counting

Corporate and MSME borrowers being handled by our clients using CredPro

Features that set us apart !

With features that enhance user experience to features that help in reducing the Bank's / NBFC's turn around time, you name it, we have it. And if that's not there in the list yet, we'd be happy to add it to our to-do list.

Comprehensive Componentized Suite

From loan sanctioning to collateral management to covenant tracking, we have it all.

Advanced Architecture

Enterprise-class, scalable, highly secure platform

Intuitive / Tab-ready Interface

Now the Corporate Banking Relationship Managers can also do their job on-the-go

Loan Origination System, LOS

Operational Excellence and Risk Mitigation

With system enforced checks and optimized process flows, you'll surely save on those manpower costs

Innovation and growth along with Agility

In the consistently changing landscape of BFSI sector, we keep on pushing our limits to help your Bank/NBFC stay ahead of others.

A comprehensive feature rich platform to suit the loan processing needs of all financial institutions - CredPro

Customer On-boarding Module

Customer On-boarding Module helps in entering the KYC and other additional data of the customer either manually or by subscription service from different data aggregator services like SaveRisk, Probe42 and Corpository.

Appraisal Note Preparation Module

This module facilitates the preparation of appraisal notes by the Relationship Managers in collaboration with the Credit Analysts. Different banks have different formats for their appraisal notes and CredPro is fully customizable to accommodate capturing of any number of data points as per the bank’s specific needs

Credit Approval Processing Module

Module to facilitate the approval of the appraisal notes through individuals / committees (dynamic or pre-defined/rule based committees).

Credit Administration Module

Module to facilitate the disbursement of loans, collection of security documents, pre-disbursal condition documents etc. It also helps in other processes such as covenant monitoring and other monitoring activities through out the loan life-cycle.

Highly Configurable System Modules
  • User and Role Admin
  • Rule Engine
  • Configurable Workflows
  • Master Data Management
  • Pricing Engine (RAROC / ROE Based)
Reports Module
  • Regulatory Reports
  • MIS Reports
  • TAT Reports
Configurable Minor Workflows
  • Unit Visit / Field Visit Workflow
  • Stock Audit Workflow
  • Document Lodgement / Deferment Workflow
  • Legal Team Workflow
  • Inter-Office Memo Workflow
  • And many more configurable workflows possible


After all everything is about ROI. Following are few of the benefits which your institution will achieve through the digital transformation of your lending processes.

Increase Productivity

With systems that automate manual processes and share functionality across product lines and departments, CredPro helps lenders save time and money with each transaction

Reduce risk and regulatory exposure

Our solution simplifies reporting and regulatory compliance efforts, while providing risk analysis, rule engine for repetitive tasks, and a graduated approach to secure, paper-free lending

Automate repetitive tasks

Our configurable rule engine does the checks and validations for you and saves the checkers’ time, thereby increasing efficiency. Repetitive tasks like email notifications are all automated.

Better turn-around-time for borrowers

We help you speed-up your sanctioning process thereby improving the customer experience and thus helping in business growth  of the bank / NBFC. All this while maintaining visibility to the stakeholders.


We take you on a transformation journey...

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